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Welcome to "Power UP!" - The Premier FREE non-Profit Residual Fundraiser


The Power of Relationships

Someone has always been paid when people use life essential services. With Stream Energy -- a respected leader in the deregulated energy supply market; the 9th largest direct selling company in North America -- making it possible, why shouldn't that someone be your organization? Stream's FREE turn-key "Power Up! Program" (view 4-minute video)  pays non-Profit entities month after month as their qualified supporters enroll and save on their utility bills: a life-essential service that is already a part of everybody's budget!

                          Energy Deregulation Created Consumer Choice
Consumers in a number of states can now ​lower their monthly electric and natural  gas  bills  by  choosing  Stream  Energy  (FREE)  as their energy "supply" company. Their local utility company will continue to handle distribution, maintenance, service, and -- in most areas -- billing as well.  What could be better that: Customers have the opportunity to receive the SAME product delivered by the SAME company at a BETTER rate. And your organization gets paid monthly on an unlimited number of customers!

                                  How Your Organization Earns Money
The Great News: Stream pays your organization a $4.00 monthly commission for each qualified account that is registered to Stream through your FREE turn-key Stream provided website. The graphic below depicts examples of potential fundraising results, based on the number of enrolled residential customers (electric in northeast states and TX; natural gas in GA). Add $1.50 for each northeast Natural gas customer. Earnings could grow
exponentially as your participants qualify for FREE energy as they refer other customers!

                                                      Call To Action
The FREE turn-key Stream "Power Up! Program" is an easy and effective way to raise money for your organization while helping supporters save money on their energy bills. Stream provides the infrastructure and a FREE personalized website (
view sample) to enroll customers and track earnings. Your task is to share with your constituents the opportunity they have to support your organization while possibly saving on their monthly home and business utility  bills --  and qualifying for FREE residential energy. After reviewing the information provided here and at the links above, please contact us promptly. We will be happy to answer questions and share the simple steps to register and take full advantage of this FREE phenomenal residual funding opportunity.